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Create custom rugs of any size to meet production needs

Our team specialises in fabricating rugs tailored to your exact specifications, whether you need small accent pieces or large statement rugs. Customise sizes, materials, colours, patterns, and finishes to produce unique rugs aligning with your creative vision.

Contact us today to discuss creating the perfect custom rugs for your production.

Top Banner and gallery Image Credits: Queen Charlotte - Graphics Team:Tom Brice, Rachel Neill, Weykman Gomes, Flora Fricker

Gallery Image Credit: The Flash - Shadé Addams - Graphic Designer

and The School for Good and Evil - Michael Eaton - Lead Graphic Designer, Niamh Coulter - Set Decorator

Mission Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One - Gemma Kingsley - Graphic Art Director Crown Series 6 Tote Bags - Alison Harvey - Set Decorator, James Wakefield - Senior Art Director, Graphics Team: Charlie Innell, Katherine Hoad, Nadine Kissack, Amy Grewcock, Greg Keen

A Gentleman in Moscow - David Alba - Graphic Designer

Back to Black - For credits click here to view the full case study





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