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Graphic Designer

Thanks so much for all that you’ve done for us, couldn’t have been happier with the service!

Graphic Designer

Thanks again so much for your help, it was massively comforting to be working with your expertise!"

Art Director

Just to say the big maps and the SIU brushed ali looked amazing! Thank you - everyone was delighted

Graphic Designer

No worries ref the recommendation, you guys are such a pleasure to work with!

Art Director

And I meant to email to thank you, it looks fantastic - thanks so much! Very many thanks

Set Decorator

I will definitely be using you guys again was really impressed :)

Graphic Designer

Thank you for all your work for the production. Its been a pleasure! Until the next one

Set Decorator

Thank you for the fabulous tapestries. They safely made it to location and looked wonderful

Set Decorator

I’m getting it over to props who are going to assemble it. IT’S BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you so much for all your help.

Art Director

Thanks so much for all that you’ve done for us, couldn’t have been happier with the service!

Lead Graphic Designer

​We are lucky to have you and the team getting us through this madness.

With extensive capabilities under one roof, Displayways' three UK-based production facilities provide end-to-end services for bringing sets to life.

Displayways operates 3 factories, 2 in London and 1 in Guildford. The facilities include the PM and Management teams, 2 Studios housing artworkers and the pre-press departments, 2 Print Departments with every concievable type of large format print equipment and 2 finishing departments housing fabrication equipment, CNC machines and various hot and cold rollers for mounting, laminating and sealing printed products.

Plant List Below:

London Plant List

Arizona 2280XT (UV Flatbed - 6 Colour + White) - 3080mm x 2500mm

Arizona 2280XT (UV Roll) - 2000mm

Swiss Q (UV LED Flatbed - 6 Colour, White & Varnish) - 3200mm x 2050mm

Anapurna 3200RTR (UV Roll - 6 Colour) - 3200mm

Mimaki JV300 (Solvent Roll - 8 Colour) - 1600mm

Mimaki CJV300 (Solvent Roll - 8 Colour) - 1600mm

Mimaki UCJV300 (UV LED Roll - 6 Colour + White) - 1600mm

Mimaki UCJV300 (UV LED Roll - 6 Colour + White) - 1600mm

2 No. 1600mm Laminators

Zund Cutter G3L 2500 - (3200mm x 2500mm Bed)

Zund Cutter G33XL 1600 - (1600mm x 2500mm Bed)

1 No. 1500mm Vinyl Cutter

1 No. 600mm Vinyl Cutter

Guildford Plant List

Dye Sublimation (Fabrics/Carpets)

1no. EFI FabriVu 340 (3.2m wide)

1no. Monti Antonio

Roll to Roll (Fabrics, Flooring, PVC Free, PVC, SAV etc)

2no. EFI 5r+ (5m wide)

*White Ink capable

*5 Layer print capable

Hybrid/FlatBed (Rigid Sheets (DTM), Fabrics, Flooring, PVC Free, PVC, SAV etc)

1no. EFI H5+ (3.2m wide) – 1st H5 ‘plus’ in the UK

*White Ink capable

*9 Layer print capable

Cutting Flatbeds

1no. B&W 3.2x3.2m Laser, Router, Rotary and Drag Cutting

1no. DYSS 3.2x2.5m Router, Rotary and Drag Cutting

HF Welding

2no FIAB HF Welders

Table @ 20lm


6no. Textile Sewing Machines

2no. Heavy Duty sewing machines


2no. Automatic Eyeletting machines

3no. Large cutting tables

200m2 open floor space (20x10m)

2no. Laminating Machines (Hot/Cold)

Our features

Just want to say thanks for all your help, the prints are perfect and the quick turnaround was very helpful! Will definitely be coming to you first from now on.

Production Designer

Thank you so much for making it work. Apologies for putting a stress on your past few days. Please say thank you to your team from me.

Graphic Designer

Just wanted to drop an email to say thank you for all your help and expertise during the last few months, especially with our tight deadlines. The tapestr ies in particular looked fantastic

Graphic Designer

A massive thank you from us all in set dec on the Flash you have been wonderful and we really appreciate your help! Look forward to working with you on the next one!

Flash set dec team

A big thank you for all the amazing print work over the past seasons of The Crown

Set Dec Dept

Thanks for all your help on this one and for being so understanding with our last minute requests/ decisions! It’s been a pleasure.

Lead Graphic Designer

Thanks for making this graphic & delivering it in record time.

Production Designer

​I got a text message from the designer “floor is here. Come to the stage now” He just wanted to tell me right away how incredible it looks! He said he didn’t understand first why we are printing this instead of painting but he can now clearly see why. Best looking marble floor ever.

Lead Graphic Designer

Happy Customers Happy Us

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