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Capture the magic with Translights

One of our specialities is printing high-resolution graphics onto translucent fabrics that transform into vibrant backgrounds when illuminated from behind. Our translights are designed to create eye-catching and luminous environments for both stage and location shoots. The interplay of light infuses the graphics with radiant colours, resulting in visually stunning displays.

Our choice of lightweight and wrinkle-resistant textiles ensures easy packing and smooth installation across rigging. Whether you need small accent pieces or stage-filling backdrops, we fabricate Translights to your specified dimensions. The modular or sliding components allow for easy graphic changes between shoots, offering flexibility and customisation.

Subjects truly come to life against these backlit backgrounds, and our translights allow for organic interactions between lighting and fabrics. From the smallest details to expansive scenes, our backlit translights can elevate the visual impact of your project.

Translight Datasheet, including details of how to supply artwork to us

Download PDF • 691KB

Image credit - Lockwood and co - Grant Bailey - Supervising Art Director, Victoria Allwood - Art Director, Sophie Powell - Graphic Designer and Sam Morley - Graphic Designer




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