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A variety of carpets ranging from 2mm to 10mm Italian velour

Our custom-printed carpets add a touch of luxury to film and TV sets, breathing life into scenes with vibrant style. In high-traffic areas, our Premium 6mm carpet offers enduring opulence with its thicker pile. Choose affordability without compromise with our standard 4mm carpets, providing a lighter feel while maintaining vivid colours and definition. Elevate your production with unique textures by choosing felt carpets, adding visual depth and tactile interest.

Express your needs in terms of thickness, material, pattern, and performance, and we'll craft eye-catching carpets tailored to your production, designed to withstand the demands of active sets.

Carpets available:

2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm and 10mm plus felt carpet.

Premium Carpet datasheet, including details of how to supply artwork to us (Standard carpet datasheet coming soon)

Download PDF • 2.16MB

Contact us to discover how our printed carpets can transform your environments.

Top image credit: Secret Invasion - Kaush Barti - Graphic Art Director. Laura Whitehouse - Graphic Designer, David Hamilton-Richardson - Graphic Designer, Adrian Andscombe & Marie Isabel - Set Decorators, Frank Walsh - Production designer

Gallery image credit: Aeroplane carpet - Lazarus Project S2, Hayden Matthews - Production Design and Drew George - Lead Graphic Designer

Empire of Light - Chris Kitisakkul - Lead Graphic Designer, Carpet Design - Anita Dhillon, Production Designer - Mark Tildesley, Set Decorator - Kamlan Man

Top Banner Image: A Gentleman in Moscow - David Alba - Graphic Designer




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