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Your cost-effective film flooring solution

Printed lino is a great asset when confronted with demanding filming schedules. Its effortless installation not only streamlines the process but also conserves valuable time and effort during set construction. The adaptability of printed linoleum, with its capacity for diverse designs, patterns, and textures, empowers filmmakers to fashion distinct flooring solutions tailored precisely to the scene's ambiance or historical context.

Enduring and resilient against the rigors of heavy foot traffic and the movement of equipment on set, printed lino ensures filmmakers can attain the desired aesthetic without surpassing the confines of their budget.

Floor Lino datasheet, including details of how to supply artwork to us

FLOOR LINO F&TV Guidelines
Download PDF • 694KB

Top banner and gallery image credit: The School for Good and Evil - Michael Eaton - Lead Graphic Designer, Niamh Coulter - Set Decorator, Snr Ass Set Dec - Pancho Chamorro, Ass Set Dec Anna Page, Set Dec Co-Ord Orla Deely, Production Buyer Marie Doyle, Snr Ass Buyer Clare Hynes, Michael Eaton - Lead Graphic Designer, Esme Power - Graphic Designer, Betty Woodhouse- Assistant Graphic Designer

Gallery image credit: Dr Who - Stephen Fielding and Queen Charlotte - Graphics Team:Tom Brice, Rachel Neill, Weykman Gomes, Flora Fricker - Bad Wolf Studios



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