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Experience the realism of mosaic tile replication

With our specialised multi-layer printing process, we beautifully replicate mosaic tile walls and floors for your film sets. By separating graphics into CMYK colour channels and ensuring precise layer alignment, we revive centuries-old artistry, bypassing the laborious task of laying physical tiles.

The result? Stunning mosaic finishes that exquisitely capture intricate details, infusing your scenes with a rich historical aura. Our capabilities extend to crafting awe-inspiring visuals for paintings and various set design projects, unleashing artistic brilliance. See what can be achieved in the image gallery below.

Displayways offer two different processes: SQ Raised Ink Print and Touchstone Multi-Layer Print, please contact us for more details of both solutions.

Please click below to download our new Swiss Q Nyala Brochure and immerse yourself into a world of 3D.

Elevating Design-2
Download PDF • 14.15MB

DWF&TV Raised Print Info
Download PDF • 9.37MB

Top and Banner Image Credit: Loki - Charis Theobald - Lead Graphic Designer - Disney+





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