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Tailor made flags

We produce flags that are specifically designed for use in film and TV production and they serve as versatile and visually striking elements on set. Whether for creating dynamic backdrops, enhancing scenes, or adding thematic elements, these flags elevate production aesthetics for the big screen

Datasheet, including details of how to supply artwork to us

Download PDF • 692KB

Top Banner Image Credit: The Diplomat, Art dept - Rachel Corbould, Lee gray Shyam Korotania, Neesh Ruben and Sophie Shickle

Gallery image credits: Barbie - Art Department - Alicia Grace Martin, Eleanor Lamb, Matilda, Lauren Wakefield, Netty Chapman, Irene Dimarca and Maia King

Sarah Greenwood as Production Designer and Katie Spencer as Set Decorator

Queen Charlotte - Graphics Team:Tom Brice, Rachel Neill, Weykman Gomes, Flora Fricker

Boys in the boat - Boys in the boat - Art Dept: Sophie Powell - Lead Graphic Designer, Betty Woodhouse - Graphic Designer, Rosie Burnett - Graphic Designer, EJ Schreuder - Graphics Trainee, Lauren Dix - Asst Graphic Designer, Lucy Brewer - Asst Art Director and Production Design by Kalina Ivanov and Set Decoration by Jude Farr



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