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A Gentleman in Moscow

A Gentleman in Moscow


Art Nouveau Carpet Design and Printing

David Alba, Graphic Designer and the talent behind the carpet designs said: "Designing the art nouveau carpet for ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ felt like facing the final boss of carpet design!"

He adds "When I read the script, I envisioned this room as the space where Anna Urbanova begins her transformation, just as the Count’s attic was for @vimolero . Her transformation needed to be as intimidating as she is, yet welcoming—just like every big life change, tempting but frightening."

He goes on to say "I decided to take this challenge one step further by adapting the flow of the design to fit our dressing plan, creating that unique, cohesive feeling for the room. With some sketches and a meticulously curated palette by our brilliant set decorator Ussal Smithers this room felt like a dream.

Thank you to the guys on @displaywaysfilmandtv for helping me out to achieve this result✨"

Aswell as carpet printing, we also produced different wallpapers, theatre canvas prints and vinyl.

Credits - David Alba - Graphic Designer, Jekaterina Potasova - Lead Graphic Designer, Víctor Molero - Production Designer, Ussal Smithers - Set Decorator,



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