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Displayways Brings Doctor Who's Iconic Daleks to Life with Custom Linoleum Prints

When we teamed up with BBC’s Doctor Who, it was a such a thrill bringing the Daleks to life. Collaborating closely with the talented Stephen Fielding, we recreated 18 meters of graphic wood grain through custom-printed linoleum flooring. The gloss varnish finish really enhanced the visual impact and perfectly set the stage for the dramatic Dalek reveal.

Seeing those iconic Daleks gliding across our flooring was like a geeky dream come true! This project not only allowed us to fulfil a fan's fantasy but also showcased our expertise in delivering creatively printed floors that can truly elevate productions. If you're looking to make your set dazzle on screen, just let us know how we can bring our expertise to your project.


Set Dec Assistant - Louis Drage

Graphic Designer - Stephen Fielding

Set Designer - Renn Harper

Art Director -  Dafydd Shurmer

Bad Wolf Studios



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