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Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion


Creating a joyously outdated carpet for Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion on Disney+ throws a curveball with its production design. As well as looking slick and cool for some sets, others called for something a bit more… unusual. Particularly the carpet design created for a very dodgy looking club house. Here’s how fab designer Laura Whitehouse approached it:

“This carpet design for the Three Cherries, a Social Club set in Brixton, was based on a small, outdated sample found in someone’s attic (or at least that’s how the rumour went). It was handed over to Team Graphics, and from there I made the highest-res scan I could, Photoshopped it to create a tile that could be turned into a pattern, and then extended outwards to create a full carpet. Displayways did such a FAB job making it all plush - never before have I been so thrilled at the site of such a joyously ugly carpet. Once it was down the painters went in to age and scuff, and by filming time it looked as though it had been there for about 40 years.

Production Designer Frank Walsh Set Decorator @marieisabel_ Lead Graphic Designer @kaushbharti Assistant Graphic Designers @tabby1 @itsdavidhr All images copyright of Marvel / Disney



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