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The Gentlemen

The Gentlemen


Displayways joins the establishment!

It was an incredible honor to contribute to the amazing new crime comedy series "The Gentlemen." This captivating show follows the story of aristocratic Eddie, who unexpectedly inherits his family's stately manor only to discover that it serves as the hub for a massive illegal cannabis operation. From crafting atmospheric diner graphics that transported viewers to the gritty underbelly of London's criminal underworld, to designing electrifying boxing arena visuals that made the high-stakes fight sequences truly come alive, our contributions did not stop there. We provided compelling graphic elements for most of the episodes throughout the entire season, ensuring a consistent and immersive visual narrative.

Working alongside the exceptionally talented graphics team was an absolute joy, as their passion and dedication matched our own unwavering commitment to excellence. They were thrilled with the final results we delivered, and witnessing graphics brought to life on screen for such a wildly popular and acclaimed series was a treat. To have played a role in the overwhelming success of "The Gentlemen" through was a rewarding experience that filled us with an immense sense of pride and professional fulfillment.

Credits: Christian Ashton - Key Graphic Designer episodes 3-8, Chris Barber - Key Graphic Designer episdoes 1 and 2, Gina Brown and Tilly Shoul - Graphic Designers Laura Tweed - Production Buyer, Set Decoration by Amy Cooper Goodrich (6 episodes) and Linda Wilson (2 episodes) Art Direction by Naomi Bailey (8 episodes) Eve Martin (6 episodes) Fiona Gavin (2 episodes) Chris Stephenson (1 episode) Production Design by Linda Wilson (6 episodes) Martyn John (2 episodes)



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