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How Displayways delivered for 'You'

Working on the highly anticipated fourth season of Netflix's psychological thriller, 'You,' was another big thrill for our team. We provided a range of custom prints that contributed to the realistic ambiance of the show's sets. Our offerings included everything from large canvas pieces that became stunning artworks to aluminum shop signage that defined building exteriors.

While we can't showcase all our work for this popular series on a single page, the impact of the oversized framed canvases was particularly noteworthy on camera.

Our graphics seamlessly aligned with the art department's vision, thanks to our versatile printing capabilities. Whether it was striking art or everyday streetscapes, we're pleased to have played a part in enhancing the visual backdrop of 'You.'

Want our creative team to help you shape the visual identity of your next on-screen environment? Feel free to reach out to us at


And of course....the talented YOU team, it was a pleasure 😍

Kevin Phipps - Production Designer

Julian Nix - Lead Graphic Designer

David Hamilton-Richardson - Graphic Designer

Vasco Oliveira - Graphic Designer

Charlie Lynam - Set Decorator

Tom Still - Supervising Art Director

Clarissa Collins - Graphics Assistant



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